Enjoy a Free Game.

Because the economy is atrocious, the New Jersey Nets are offering free tickets to unempeloyed fans. Just send them your resumé and they will supply you with four tickets. AND IN ADDITION, the New Jersey Nets would like to invite you to attend their Career fair. So your unemployed? No problem. Skip the unemployment line and go to a Nets game.



THE BEST EXPERIMENT IN THE WORLD! (well, if your brother #2)

Who thought that this would even be possible? That scientists was probably just horny….

Speedy Fight

I’m only posting something, because some people are asking me to put something on this site.

Didn’t know what to write about so here…..

Apparently Speed Fighting is becoming popular (being sarcastic). Where fighters lose
matches quickly to receive their pay of $500,000, and the company makes
a profit, because the crowd watches basically nothing.

My parents always told me to get a job with respectable pay. Being a professional fighter just doesn’t cut it. However, I think I may be looking into this profession. The pay is definitely good
and, hey, you only have to work for a few seconds.

Notes: Kimbo Slice is the epitome of an overrated athlete. He was initiated into Elite XC because he was a huge youtube phenomenon. Countless posted youtube videos show Slice dominating in street fights. His “amazing” fighting skills are displayed. Getting knocked out by a nobody in 14 seconds……

PS: I think my friend joe might have lasted longer in a fetal position….haha